Window tinting laws dictate how much visible light transmission (VLT) is required in your vehicle.

Sun Blox Window Tinting Laws

It's Best To Stay Tint Legal

You can bet there are strict vehicle tinting laws that vary from state to state. You can also bet Sun Blox has access to each and every one of them in all 50 states, not just those pertaining to our home state of Arizona.

The Arizona VLT law is actually on the more lenient side compared to other states. Arizona requires 35 percent VLT on the driver and passenger front widows. The rest of the windows in the vehicle can be as dark as the owner chooses.

We Know The Tinting Laws In All 50 States

While this combination is perfectly legal in Arizona, you may need to make adjustments to your existing tint if you’re moving to a state with more restrictive laws. We can also customize your vehicle window tint to match your new state’s regulations if you’re moving and need to register your vehicle in a new state.

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Different Shades Of Window tint

Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

We Have Many Different Shades of Tint to Choose from so you and your Family can Stay Cool and Protected from the Searing Sun!

One of the unofficial requirements of life in Arizona is a firm love of the sun. But that doesn't mean you have to love when it's baking the interior of your car, home or office. Colossal energy bills, faded furniture and cranky family members or employees are just a few of the ongoing detriments of too much sun - but you can easily escape with the professional window tinting services of Sun Blox.

Our tints still let you enjoy ambient light and the view without the sun's heat, glare and harmful rays.

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